T. Alan Pittman

Before going into law, Alan had a career in banking and was an assistant regional supervisor. He then followed his love of the law.

With a wife and two small children, he pursued law as a member of the charter class of Campbell University’s School of Law (later the Norman A. Wiggins School of Law).

He began his practice in Greenville and then returned to his home, Fayetteville. He engaged in the general practice of law; including real estate, criminal defense, traffic, domestic, personal injury, bankruptcy until he chose to specialize in only litigation, mainly in Superior Court.

In 1995, Alan was a member of the pilot mediation project. Since that time he has devoted an increasing amount of time to mediating Superior Court cases, workers’ compensation claims, and federal litigation. He is a member of the North Carolina Academy of Superior Court Mediators.

Alan continues to practice law in the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation and social security disability appeals. He enjoys water sports and great food.

Practice Areas: Personal Injury; Workers’ compensation; Social Security Disability appeals claims; Mediation; Arbitration


J. David Lewis

J. David Lewis received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his Juris Doctorate degree from Wake Forest University.  David is a native of Ashe County, North Carolina and is married to Tina, formerly of Moore County.  They have two children, Matthew and Katie.

David has served on the faculty of the National Business Institute providing instruction for insurance law and civil trial practice continuing legal education seminars.  He regularly resolves cases by traditional methods such as mediation and hearings.  He is experienced in evaluating cases to provide the client with a realistic forecast of what the actual results may be if the case goes to hearing.

Our workers’ compensation claims and social security disability appeals claims are being handled by David.
Practice Areas: Workers’ compensation; Social Security Disability appeals claims.

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